Young Professionals

På EG vill vi ge dig en bra start på din karriär i it- och konsultbranschen. Du får möjlighet att jobba tillsammans med några av de bästa i branschen och delta i spännande projekt där innovation och teknik är nyckelord. Du blir en del av ett team som brinner för utveckling och som drivs av passion för arbetet.

Om du är intresserad av en karriär med goda utsikter till ömsesidigt lärande så tycker vi att du ska ta en titt på jobbmöjligheterna hos oss.

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Möt våra Young Professionals

  • Felicia Gruber
  • Simone
  • Lasse

Felicia Gruber, started as a graduate at EG in September 2018 (now EG's service business, A DXC Technology Company)


Getting onboarded

It was an exciting start on a new chapter. For me it was a big step leaving the student life and entering the working life with all the new expectations and challenges it comes with. However, this turned out to be better than I expected. My team, and not at least my mentor, has been a great support during my journey from a newly graduate to where I am today. I feel, while being surrounded by all these competent well-willing colleagues, I have all the opportunities to finish this graduate year best way possible. Thanks to the Graduate programme I have met a lot of interesting colleagues, not just from Sweden, but from Denmark and Norway as well. EG's service business has a very familiar culture which make it easy to feel as one in the team.


Effective development

I should say the combination of theoretical and practical education together with hands-on projects have been an effective way for development. As I grow into the role as a consultant, the responsibility and complexity of the tasks assigned to me increase. In this way, I gradually develop my knowledge and independency in projects. I am constantly providing new knowledge and experience during courses and in real projects.


My job

My title is junior business intelligence consultant. Working as a BI-consultant implies a daily interaction with colleagues and customers in various projects. I analyse data, build visual interpretations of the data and conduct workshops to help customers improve their businesses. Everyday are different from the other and I love the variation with this role.


The impact

The Graduate programme has been very challenging and has make me grow both as a person and in my profession. I have developed my technical skills, learned how to handle different customers and been given tools to develop further in my role as a consultant. It is a lot of new knowledge to absorb and I have faced a lot of challenges along this journey, and this is just the beginning. Furthermore, it is up to myself to take on the challenges with a positive mind and to continue my development.


Möt Simone


Simone Bak Lage

Consultant, ASPECT4 Logistik

Aarhus, Danmark

Följ våra ambassadörer och få inblick i deras vardag. Samtidigt kan du hålla dig uppdaterad om karriärmöjligheter, möta andra unga i branschen och se vad som är på gång inom företaget i övrigt.

Möt Lasse


Lasse Jamt

Consultant, AX, Process Industry

Oslo, Norge